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Premier Color Nursery was founded in 1991 with the vision to grow Gourmet Grown bedding plants and provide incredible customer service. In our never ending quest to provide the finest quality annuals, herbs & veggies, perennials, succulents and specialty color, we evaluate each cultivar to provide you with the finest the industry has to offer. We work hard each day to fulfill the promise of Gourmet Grown.

We began delivering to the southern California market and now service California's Central Coast, local mountain areas, Arizona, southern Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and the Pacific Northwest. In addition, we offer pallet orders to Texas and beyond.

Premier Color Nursery's custom blend soil is prepared on site.  We sow our own seed and root a majority of our crops here as well.  For items that we cannot root and for special needs crop, such as vernalization, we source from some of the finest propagators in the world - Ball/Selecta, Four Star Greenhouses, Syngenta Flowers, The Plug Connection, Dummen/Red Fox, Pacific Plug and Liner, Terra Nova and many more.

Every liner that we grow or source is fully acclimated and finished on site.  Each pot is carefully planted, allowing for optimum planting quality and then spaced in the field to allow for optimum air and light circulation until ready for harvest, naturally. Each pot is selected and hand cleaned then loaded on delivery racks, or boxed, if headed for a market that we service via common carrier. 

Contact the Premier Color Nursery team for more information about our gourmet grown plants today!

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  • 4" Color & Herbs (16 per flat)

  • 1 Gallon- Specialty Color

  • 8" Specialty Color

  • 12" Cache Pots- Specialty color

  • Hanging baskets

Purveyors of quality have found that our plants easily adapt to many climates, as our location in the rolling hills of Fallbrook in northern San Diego county allows us the opportunity to grown our plants in ideal outdoor environment. Our plants are fully acclimated in the sun ( or shade ) and are exposed to a wide range of elements. The results is a hardy bedding plant, a product unachievable if grown in a climate controlled greenhouse.